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Feedback on making Zephyr Scale better

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Feedback on making Zephyr Scale better

Our company started using ZS a month ago and for the most part everything works well but there are a few areas that need improvement.

  • Enhancement: When manually executing a test, I want to be able to modify my test cases in real-time. There are plentyy of time when I realize that I made a spelling mistake, for to add a step, and/or need to add a new test step. It's time consuming to have to a) remember what needs changing and do it later or b), stop what I'm doing to go out to execution mode then back into editor mode.
  • BUG: Lets say I have 10 test cases and I want to create a Test Cycle. I only add one test case and click Save. My expectation is that when I run the Test Cycle, only the added test case appears. In actuality, all of the test cases appear. This forces me to go back to the Test Cycle and remove all of the unwanted test cases.
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Just checking about how you're getting that bug as I don't have that issue.  I go into Test Cases, pre-select the test cases I want to add to a new test cycle, and then click "Create test cycle" which only adds those I've selected.

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HI @SnowWolf ,


towards your first point, I tend to use different tabs in the browser to be able to edit a test case in parallel to the execution. After the change, I go back to the Test Player tab, hit refresh and update the script and then continue as before. It's still a bit tedious, but manageable imo.




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