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Error when importing TestRail test cases into Zephyr Scale

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Error when importing TestRail test cases into Zephyr Scale

I am attempting to import test cases from TestRail (another team's test cases) into Zephyr Scale (my test case management tool). When I attempt to import the XML file, I receive the following error: 


The uploaded file could not be parsed. It seems to have invalid content.
Try again by uploading a valid file.


I can find no information on what constitutes a "valid file" and the file that I have seems to be a typical XML file. Are there instructions for what constitutes a valid XML export from TestRail, or additional information for how to import this file into Zephyr Scale? We need to import these test cases and I am blocked completely at this point (CSV import doesn't work either).



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Hi Amanda,


I've not had to import test cases very often but when I have it's via the CSV option.  I'm not sure if you've read the support notes on how to do that so have added the link here: Import Test Cases From CSV | Zephyr Scale Server/Data Center Documentation (


The first image in the above linked page shows how you need to reference the test case once in row one along with the first test step (and result), and then list any remaining test steps and results in separate rows - one for each step - but without including the test case status, name, etc.


Regards, Andy

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Thank you! This wasn't the reply I was hoping for, but it does work (more or less), so we're running with it. 

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