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Data provider

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Data provider

public class Provider {
	@DataProvider (name = "data-provider")
	public Object[][] pMethod(){
		return new Object[][] {{2, 3 , 5}, {5, 7, 9}};
      @Test (dataProvider = "data-provider")
      public void myTest (int a, int b, int result) {
	     int sum = a + b;
	     Assert.assertEquals(result, sum);

like this you can see there are 2 Testcases but how to integrate it with
2 different zephyr key as there my @test is just one
Can u tell me the way to integrate data provider test cases with zephyr key
in above example i need to create 2 Testcase in zephyr as
myTest_DTR_234 and myTest_DTR_235 but in code i can just mention one, please help.
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It might take a while for someone in the community to answer your question, but you could try Smartbear support here for a quicker response: SmartBear Support


However, I'm not sure it's possible to specify the value of a test case key - I think that is a system value that can only be referenced, not set.

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