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Dashboards for testers

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Dashboards for testers

We are carrying out user testing with a large team of users. We'd like to create a Dashboard so the user logged on can see the number of tests completed, failed, untested etc. Is there a way of adding Current User to the Zephyr Widgets so a common dashboard can be shared? 

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Hi @DavidHarvey ,


You can create multiple dashboards and therefore, specific ones for your testers or test teams.  When you first setup a dashboard I believe it defaults to Private but you can change that in the Dashboards > Manage Dashboards menu, and make it visible via a variety of criteria, e.g. everyone in the Project.  Once you've done that, you just need to share the dashboard link or show the testers how to access.  You could also ask them to make their start page in Jira the dashboard so they see that overview when they first login.


Hope that helps.



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Hi Andy,


Sort of - we are keen to use the dashboards. We'd like to have a widget that shows each tester their personal status on test cases in progress, complete, not started etc. The idea was to use the Zypher widgets but I couldn't work out how to make a custom filter that uses the current user. Any suggestions?filter.jpg

Hi David,


I don't think it's possible to do what you want in the way that you want - there's no current user option that I know of.  There's also a similar useful function that's missing for Today() when using reports and dashboards which I hope to see in a future release.


Some alternative ideas:

  1. 1. Create a Test Execution Results (Summary) report for each tester using the Custom Query option, and setting Test Execution > Assigned to IN [tester].  You then run the report, copy the URL and share that with the tester so they can run each time.  This is only OK if you have a small test team of course.  You can do the same with other Test Execution reports if you prefer the look of those.

  2. 2. Use the Test Cycles page as a dashboard.  You would have to help the test team setup their Cycles page to have the relevant columns (the URL scenario will not work here), but once done, they can hover their mouse over their cycles to see execution progress.

  3. 3. Use the Export Dataset option and build your own report in Excel.  This is the most effort but if you're good with Excel, it can also be the most granular reporting option available.

Hope that helps.





You can however use the Cycles page which I find is useful as a dashboard report to 

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