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Customizable field across all test cases in Zephyr Scale

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Customizable field across all test cases in Zephyr Scale

Is there a way to create a customizable field across all projects in Zephyr Scale? As of current, I can only create a field on single/separate test cases in projects.

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Hi @ncbarnett ,


I don't think this is an option yet. We have been asking for this for a while now and there were some plans, to address this but nothing  has been released yet. I also found an open ticket in the ideas portal for this feature.

As you can see it's still "Gathering interest", even though it has lots of votes.


Maybe using the API you can use the .../customfield endpoint. (see API doc and write a script, that cycles through your projects and does the required POST calls. This only works for the server app though.


Let's keep our fingers crossed, that we get this as a full fledged feature sooner rather than later.




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I think you're right, Josh.  I've not seen anything either.  Thanks for sharing the details you found! 🙂



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