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Creating/Custom reports/Scorecards in Zephyr Scale

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Creating/Custom reports/Scorecards in Zephyr Scale


I am new to this Product and we are starting to use this in our Project.

Is it possible in Zephyr Scale to create custom reports and scorecards with custom fields and filters other hen the provided ones?


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Hi, @Havejan! Thanks for your question.


It's not possible to create custom reports in Zephyr Scale at the moment but there a handful of reports in which you can filter by different types of fields, including custom fields.


To filter by a different field, go to a report (such as Test Execution Results (list)), choose Custom Query in the Filter By field, and then build your query there. You'll see the custom fields there.


I hope this answers your question,


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Hi @Havejan ! I see that you replied straight to an email notification, could you copy your reply here? Thank you!

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I came up with the same problem.  To work around it I export the report into Excel and from there you can build charts and graphs, etc.

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Hi jfelix Thanks for your fast response.

Unfortunately I was expecting your answer. Hope that in the future the reporting becomes a little more flexible.


FYI we are in a kind of toolchain change from ALM/UFT towards a JAVA CI toolchain with on the “reporting End” JIRA with Zephyr Scale and hopefully in the future Confluence

Testexecution is done through Jenkins which posts the results to Zephyr Scale We have a quit complex application with a huge historic Legacy and loads of external stakeholders. Our Focus is Automation and execution of the E2E Business Process (Regression).

We are supporting all levels of Stakeholders with information and therefore we needed to implement some Custom Fields

If I follow your advice I don’t see our Custom Fields in the “Custom Query” only few fixed system fields.

I found the custom fields. Scrolling down the list helps....

but this only gives me "filtering" possibilities and i would like to choose one of my custom filds to group the results

f.e. Execution Results by "Country" or "Functional Domain" or "whatever custom field"


also a more flexible content of the scorecard would be very helpfull. My current scorecard is a mix of Automation Status, Execution Status of productive regression, defect status and the impacted Business process by Defects


When you have other suggestions feel free Thanks Jan

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Hi @sonya_m Sonya, done sory for the misunderstanding

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I am also using excel for the moment but only because there is no other solution. We have a high rate of deployment, executions and reporting


with our new toolchain we would love to have some interactive and "real-time" reporting so that when the stakeholders need info they can just watch their dashboard

it could be that we need to look further for other reporting tools


Hi Havajan,


Definitely agree, that would be great.  I guess you've already checked out the Dashboards in Zephyr Scale as they offer real-time reporting.  If you haven't tried them yet there are some good ones that might fit your needs and you can make as many dashboards as you want, changing the dashboard parts and layouts, etc. - make sure to click the "Load all gadgets" option to see all gadgets available.


Another option is the API route, which presumably you could hook up to something like Power BI.  I've not got my hands on the API yet but it's on my list!



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yes i am checking out all the possible report options.

My Automation engineers are using / checking the API and one of them also came with the Power BI  option, will definitivly check that as well, thanks for pointing that out.

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