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Copy / convert generic Jira items to Zehpys testcases

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Copy / convert generic Jira items to Zehpys testcases

Hi everybody,


before installing Zephyr Scale, we have used generic Jira items to track our testing, and they contain already a lot of valuable information for test cases in Zephyr.


How can I copy or convert this items into Zephyr test cases? Either individually or in bulk.


Thanks much in advance!



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Hi Tom,


I guess by generic Jira items you mean Jira Issues.  I can think of two options:


1) Export the Jira issues into Excel, create some formulas or manually convert the Issues into the Excel template format needed by Zephyr Scale (ZS), and then import.  That would technically work.


2) You could create test cases with minimal information in them and then add a hyperlink to the Issue in the Comment field or, add the Jira Issue into the ZC Issues field (which automatically creates a hyperlink to the Jira Issue).  Either of these options would enable your testers to click a link to the Issue.  The potential problem with using the ZC Issues field is that it might screw up your tracking of issues as testers start to raise them but it might be worth a look and test and see what you think.


Hope that helps.





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Hi Andy,


thanks for your reply!


Will go with door #1 - wish there were a more convenient way like clock.


Thanks much!



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