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Copy columns/rows/tables in Zephyr

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Copy columns/rows/tables in Zephyr

How do I copy tables/columns/rows in a table in the description field in a Jira Zephyr testcycle? When I mark the column I don't see a "copy" option. 

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I'm not sure I understand the question but I think you want to copy data from the table in the Cycles main page.  There's no function to do this but you can highlight the text in the columns with the usual click+drag method with your mouse, and then copy/paste into Excel (paste with Match Destination Format gives you text).


Alternatively, you can access a lot more data for manipulation by going to Reports > Test execution results (list) > click Generate > select the export icon in top right-hand corner > click on Excel (Dataset).  That will give you all the data you can export from the system and from there you'd have to manually (or by formula), get the information you need.


Hope one of those options helps.



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Thank you for your reply. However it was not quite what I meant, what I mean is that I want to copy a column or a table in the Description field in a test cycle to paste it somewhere else or send it to someone. For example this:


When I mark the column each cell gets a blue frame but I don't see a "copy" option. 

Ah, I see now 😊


I get that too but if you click into the Description box and then hit CTRL + A, it will highlight all cells and you can copy from there...

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Great, that works fine! Maybe not perfect, but at least it is a way to copy😀
Thank you so much for your quick response!



Glad to be of help! 😊

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