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Automation using zyphyr APIs

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Automation using zyphyr APIs

I want to automate below flow of zyphyr using its APIs;

1. create test case in particular given folder of a project

2. get the ids of it.

currently not much information is not available on interenet excepect its API documentation.{ABCD-T1234}

it is not returning the exact test case associated ABCD-T1234 instead it returns list of test cases. It doesnt contains mentioned id.

I am expecting the test case associated to testcaseKey/id mentioned in url.

which is not happening now.

Can you please also share how can get more information/guide on api automation

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I can't help much on this one but I have linked below results in this community regarding all questions about using Zephyr APIs.  Hopefully you will find the replies useful.


Search - SmartBear Community


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