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Auto fill jira issues

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Auto fill jira issues


Hi guys,

do you know if is it possible to auto fill issues when it is created from a test execution.

So I run a test, one step fail, I click on create issue, and automatically description is filled with.


Actual result

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Sorry, I've not seen that option anywhere.  It's not what you're looking for but when you create an issue and it's linked to a test case, the two items are linked and it is possible to get those details in that way.

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Hi MisterB,

is not what I need, because some people have not grant to see Zephyr, also I have to fill field instead of automatic fill,

I understand.  It's not ideal but the only solution I can currently think of is to take a screenshot of that information before you click the Create Issue button, and paste it into the Issue.  Whether this will work I don't know - you will have to open the Issue to make sure that the paste worked.

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