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Requesting weekly Re-indexing of Workforce Management - Infor project.

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Requesting weekly Re-indexing of Workforce Management - Infor project.

During release 1&2 of our testing, we had issues with ZETM status not reporting correctly on our Reports. I download our test cases via an export yesterday and noticed that the status numbers do not match the ZETM report. Last release we had to request a re-index weekly. Can we request that our project be re-indexed on a weekly basis?


We started testing and noticed that some test case status to our dashboard and reports section are not reflecting the current state. When you click into these the status shows as something different from Pass. During our last release of testing, we had to request a re-index of our workspace frequently. Is this something that you can perform for his project?


Project: WFM - Infor

Release: 2023.12.WFM.Final Migration to Positive Way

Cycle: 306644k-SIT

Phase: SIT Round 1

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Hi Team,

Could you please provide the update on this ticket asap? Thanks.

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