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Ability to "undo" accidental deletions

Ability to "undo" accidental deletions

As a User, I should be able to Undo the accidental delete






Ajay Nayar Apr 15, 2022
This is an important feature to implement both in the Test repo and Test Planning, as we have seen instances where accidental deletes can happen. Could there be a recycle bin type of concept where the user has to say 30 days to retrieve from the "recycle bin" post delete, and after the 30 days it is deleted permanently? This way not a lot of space is taken up for unwanted / deleted tests (within Repo and Execution).


David Lucente Apr 15, 2022
Please fix this! I accidentally deleted the wrong folder and lost 100 Test Cases. This could become a devastating blow if it happens at a much higher folder level. It is also basic functionality that is expected. Please consider prioritizing this at the top of your list.

Frequent Visitor

One of our users asked me if an "undelete" is possible because they accidentally deleted something just a few minutes prior.  Agree with the desire to have an undelete available for a short time - even 2 to 4 hours would be nice.  Usually a deletion mistake is realized in that time or shorter.

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