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How to click on a row in Grid WinFormsObject

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How to click on a row in Grid WinFormsObject

Hello, I'm trying to evaluate TestLeft and its potential make a decision for the future.

Currently I'm facing with the problem - how to click on a row in grid. To get and map this grid - not a problem, I've got it. But as an entire object. While I don't see any access to the table and strings inside. See below screenshot

In fact this grid has columns with names and in string/cells (not an excel - it's some application)

So getting this grid I need to click no the row by different column names, and I can't understand how to do it. Also it's absent in the documentation




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Alright...  with help of beautiful woman Julia from SmartBear tech support 🙂 I've got now how to deal with it.

So I want to post here a solution, which probably might be helpful for others.


General logic of such operations is based on TestComplete/TestExecute engine, which  basically TestLeft wraps.

So, in TestComplete we may use external libraries support, such as DevExpress, here is the same logic. We shall use additional extensions and extend/instruct TestLeft in the following way:

- for instance

var devExpress = driver.Options.ObjectMapping["Developer Express Controls"];
var winForms = devExpress["WinForms"];
var xtraGrid = winForms["XtraGrid"];

xtraGrid.AddClassName("Some.Super.Fancy.Class.You.Want.To.Extend"); - where class name most likely will be "ClrFullClassName" which you may find using TestLeft spy

There is a Dictionary of such objects as "WinForms", "XtraGrid" etc which we may find .... BINGO! in TestComplete documentation 🙂  that's why I couldn't find it in TestLeft docs


Then another a bit not obvious action - we must run the code with added extensions, then TestLeft will be able to see by its spy relative descendants/children


What is also important to say - in that way standard mapping of TestLeft recommended in the documentation and video tutorials, also not fully correct - cause based on the above example instead of IWindow interface we shall use IDevExpressXtraGrid.  Otherwise above AddClass won't work from the point to see all descendants like "patientTableGrid.ClickCell()" etc, also because such methods as ClickCell - it's native implementation of SmartBear


Hope it may help to others 🙂


P.S. also big thanks to Alex Karas, who also spend his time to help me to understand the way.




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Hi Ilya,


Thank you a lot for the thread update and the solution posted! Much appreciated and is really helpful.

Also let me join with my kudos to Julia who helped with this problem.


P.S. Well, when the solution is known, one can find it in the documentation:


though I agree with Ilya that it is not very obvious where to search for the solution in the documentation.


P.P.S. @JuliaBernikova : Julia, can you consider, if it's at all possible, to provide for TestLeft not only online web documentation but also a compiled .chm version like it is done for TestComplete? The reason for this request is that .chm documentation is much more handy in the meaning of indexing, searching, general contents overview and navigation than the web one.


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