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Why the Wait method sometimes works sometimes not?

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Why the Wait method sometimes works sometimes not?

Hi Support team,


I used the page.wait method and gave it max 60 seconds to wait, but sometimes it waited sometime not. Whenever it works, the top right indicator shows "Wait until the web page is loaded", whenever it doesn't work, the indicator shows "Waiting for Page('https://xxxxxxx')", and it definitely didn't wait for 60 seconds. I was running the exactly the same code. Can someone tell me how I can fix this?

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I have found that unreliable as I beleive the page can become ready but not all objects have been rendered yet.

I have been using the WaitAliasChild to wait for a particular object that I have mapped be rendered then perceed.I That way I also know that the object I need is there and can time it out if it does not show in time. this allows me to put it as part of an if statement so i can handle it being there or not.

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In addition to the said above by @kevin_kapell :

Does this ( help with your case?


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