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script extension is showing error 'aqFile' is undefined.

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script extension is showing error 'aqFile' is undefined.


I am using script extension where I want to include one .js file into another.


The master file is it wants to acces

In master file I used the code like


'eval(aqFile.ReadWholeTextFile("C:\\Projects\\", aqFile.ctANSI))'


I created the extesion but when I called the method of masterfile, TC showing me error "'aqFile' is undefined.".


And hence I am not able to call functions defined in


Please suggest on this.



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Re: script extension is showing error 'aqFile' is undefined.



Try reading the file via FileSystemObject object. You can find its description in the MSDN library. Here is a sample code:

var FS = Sys.OleObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
var str = FS.OpenTextFile(AFileName, 1).ReadAll();
Tanya Gorbunova
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