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Variable Editor Dialogue in ScriptExtension

Occasional Contributor

Variable Editor Dialogue in ScriptExtension

I'm quite new to TC but I am developing a script extension to build a custom keyword.

I try to develop a "Value-Picker" that works with a variety of the user controls of my tested application.


On custom keyword setup, I pick an onscreen object. This works fine already.


Then I open the value dialogue (e.g. for a dropdown combobox).
I can choose whether I would like to select a specific value (text), an item with a certain index, an item with a text that comes from a variable/exceldata or choose a random item.
The important one is the case when I need to get excel data here.

So I am looking for the possibility to open a variable editor like the one for "Set Variable Value" in a Keyword Test.
In face, I want a solution to choose excel data from the UserForm.
I also tried to implement this variable as a parameter (because then I can get the desired variable editor). But then I have no control over the time the editor is displayed and over what happens to the value.

Is there a possibility to use this editor "manually"?

Thanks a lot in advance!

P.S: I would have provided screenshots, but my company prevents me from uploading these... 😞


Valued Contributor

Re: Variable Editor Dialogue in ScriptExtension


I’m not clear of what you are trying to do.

I have written a test  to pop up user-form with data got from excel to select (manually). User-form stays for pre-set time and test run on selected values, if not selected run with default values. Is something like that you are trying to do? Where exactly you get stuck?


you can set userform stay on a loop untill desired values selected.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Variable Editor Dialogue in ScriptExtension

Hi NisHera,


thanks for your answer!

Sorry that my description wasn't clear enough...
I'm looking for a possibility to invoke a variable editor like the one on the right bottom of the linked picture.

I thought there could be a possibility to use this TC built-in dialogue.
The dialogue should open on a click in my user form (e.g. on the click on a TcxMRUEdit-item).
In the dialogue I want to pick a value: a constant, a TC-variable, table-data, ....
So the functionality of the InputBox() method ( is not sufficient because it only works with strings and you have no possibility to pick a variable.


Variable Editor


So you recreated the variable picker in your personal user-form?
Does your user-form fetch the column headings from the excel file?

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