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Jenkins - Do not store log file in Jenkins

Occasional Contributor

Jenkins - Do not store log file in Jenkins



I currently have about 60 tests which I run through the Jenkins plugin.


these tests take about 2 mins 20 secs to run but because it is comparing a vast amount of region checkpoints, when it comes to creating the log file in Jenkins this takes up quite some time. This time ranges from 30 secs up to 1 min 30 secs. Now as you can appreciate this additional time added on to 60+ tests is a lot of redundant time where nothing appears to be happening (certainly no testing is happening).


Is there a way to stop the automatic creation of this log and importing it into Jenkins?


I can see in the plugin source code on GitHub the following lines of code which appears to be automatically setting the export logs and error logs.


args.add(EXPORT_LOG_ARG + workspace.getSlaveLogXFilePath().getRemote());

args.add(EXPORT_LOG_ARG + workspace.getSlaveHtmlXFilePath().getRemote());

args.add(ERROR_LOG_ARG + workspace.getSlaveErrorFilePath().getRemote());


Is there anyway to bypass this?


Any help would be appreciated.





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