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copy/paste in Name Mapping

copy/paste in Name Mapping

In an application that has modules that are laid out the same but have different names, this would save the user from having to map each one.  

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I also support this idea and keen to have it in next Version of Testcomplete.



Yes, this would speed things up such that I don't have to make each object visible in the tested app, then select it and reselect the same properties over and over again.

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I have a desktop application that, while the primary application is the same, changes a lot of the component paths depending upon the host system against which it is being run.  To be able to map all the components for one application path and then simply copy and paste the whole tree to another application would be PHENOMENAL.


In normal circumstances, I could parameterize the identifying properties by using a project variable but, in this case, the variable value is embedded in a longer string.

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I recently solved the problem that I mentioned in my comment using different name mapping configurations.  While I still would like to see this feature implemented, the OP could potentially solve their problem in a similar fashion by creating different Configurations for the different modules being tested.  Then, in each configuration, just change some of the mapping parameters and then you can re-use the same Aliases.  It might be more trouble than it's worth the time, depending upon what the module layouts are like, but this might be a creative workaround.

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I would love to be able to copy - paste and then manually edit to fit my needs! thanks. Dave
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Thanks for all the feedback. We have selected this for development. And will keep you posted on when this is released.   



We have implemented this feature request and the functionality is available in TestComplete 12.40. You can find information on this feature here:

Copying Mapped Objects

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