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Using the variables in properties of the Stored Object

Using the variables in properties of the Stored Object

Currently we can use variable only in the Property Checkpoints.

I propose to extend this feature to the Object Checkpoints, too.



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Does this work for you?  It doesn't come up in the wizard but you can edit the checkpoint after you create it and use a variable.





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Hi Marsha,


That is not exactly what I mean. 


I have a number of complex objects, which contain a lot of nodes and each node consists of several properties.

Some of properties can have a different values in different tests. E.g. I have a page in application with some textbox. This textbox has a placeholder property. Depending on user type this property can be = "required" or "optional". And there are few similar elements on that page.


Currently I need to design the separate object for each test (user type). But if I can assign a variable to the mentioned property value, I need only one object.

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We build strings to use variables as part of an object



eval("Aliases.QAD_Client.ShellForm.MdiClient." & KeywordTests.MaintainProfile_AddAttributes.Parameters.MappedName &".zmainPanel.BrowseTabbedPageControl.AssociatedControl.zmainContainer.SplitterPanel_1.ztabManager."&KeywordTests.MaintainProfile_AddAttributes.Variables.ProfileDef & ".zmainContainer.SplitterPanel.BrowseControl.zsplitContainer.SplitterPanel_1.DTApplication.DTApplication_Fill_Panel")


the MappedName and ProfileDef vary with the section being tested


Would something like that help?


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Hi Marsha,


I do not see how to use your approach while creating the Objects in the Stores, because I can't assign a code expression as a value of the property of the stored object. I only can use a constant values.

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Maybe this will help.  It's a previous forum post that shows how to update a stored value from a script.  You could update the stored value at the top of the test each time.

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