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Uploading the testlog (not just Bugs) to Jira

Uploading the testlog (not just Bugs) to Jira

At the moment (in TestComplete 11.20), it is possible to post a bug to Jira.


I think this is limited, I want to have the ability to upload the complete test log (so, not just bugs) to Jira

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

When posting bugs to JIRA, there's an option to attach the currently opened test log to the bug. If you mean something different, please clarify.




Super Contributor

@HKosovaThat is not what I mean. In the screenshot you posted, you first have to create a bug, and attach the log with it.


I mean I want to send the log to Jira, even when there is no bug. So sending the complete log of the test execution should be send to Jira (not just bugs -> logs of those bugs).


Hope it is more clear now what I mean.


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