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Update Testcomplete to support more recent browsers

Update Testcomplete to support more recent browsers

Testcomplete is really far behind on browser support.

Edge : 83 - 105 // Current version 112

Chrome 105 // Current version 113

Firefox 91 // Current version 102

More and more tests are starting to break, the community page is full of people with browser problems.

It just really needs to get updated to at least 1 or 2 versions ago.


I understand that keeping up with the newest version is difficult because of the constant updates.

But it's time to support more recent versions again.

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Same here. Chrome browser recently updated itself to the latest version 'Version 113.0.5672.64 (Official Build) (64-bit)', and my tests have started failing 😞

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Same issue for us

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this is desperately needed


Hey all,


few days ago we released minor version of TC which support Chrome & Edge 114. Next week we will release version with support for Firefox 113. 


Our teams plan to continue to validate beta versions of upcoming browser updates and release as soon as possible TestComplete update to ensure upcoming browser versions are not impacted.


Best regards,


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@PMularczyk How will the support for Firefox work?

Is there anyway to make it work like Chrome or Edge, at the moment there are a lot of steps to make Firefox work with TC.


I hope there will be a way to streamline this process because at the moment we do not test on Firefox.

Right now all the steps are on this page, will there be changes that make some of these steps obsolete?

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