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TestExecute Real Time Logging

TestExecute Real Time Logging

It would be very helpful if test complete and test execute had real time logging. we are frequently running into stability issues with the test complete/execute applications where they hang or crash and are unrecoverable without killing the processes off. When you do this however it is not possible to know how far your tests got because there are no log files generated. It makes it very frustrating when trying to debug. 

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Do you have your Log set to save every few minutes?  This will get you close.



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You can set your logs to save to disk every so often so you will have logs to look at. That might help in the near term. 

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The save logs every minute gets close but still leaves a large margin for error

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60 seconds (the maximum interval) does seem large... but I've found that there is very little that happens within 60 seconds.  So, at least, there's a log up to a point that you can drop a breakpoint and see if you can figure out what's going on.

What version of TC/TE are you running?  recent versions of TC 12 and even TC 14 have had a number of stability issues addressed.  Might be worth investigating an upgrade.

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We are trying to use TC 14 but are experiencing a number of crashing issues which SmartBear has been unable to resolve in over a month so we are contemplating going back to v12 which also had a crash bug for us.