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TestComplete 64bit version

TestComplete 64bit version

I would like to see TestComplete releases in 64 bit mode. Since more and more applications are becoming 64bit and (Virtual, Cloud) Operating Systems as well. Also OS'es are moving toward 64-bit. And with access to more memory, more scalability etc, I propose to release TestComplete in a native 64-bit variant.

While also keep releasing 32bit versions as well.






Would be great! Maybe the performance will be boosted up!

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You need a miracle to boost performance, but why not to try?

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Just read an article here and here about patching 32bit applications to become "Large Address Aware".


Just wonder if anybody has insight knowlegde/experience on whether TestComplete is "Large Address Aware"?



Update: just did some research and found a tool which learned me that TestComplete is LAA by default (so it should be able to access as much as 4 GB on 64bit systems with "enough" RAM installed).


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Several years ago I had an issue where TE was taking up huge amounts of RAM  and causing strange issues. SmartBear support and I couldn't figure out the source of the problem in the time I had so (if memory serves) they gave me an exe of some kind to run on the TE exe which expanded its memory awareness. Worked like a charm! 


So sounds like it is possible (though this was probably TC 9.x). 


PS - the problem ended up being some code I copied off the internet that ran a tight loop creating thousands of the same object. Lesson learned! 


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Some time ago I occasionally met the article about why VisualStudio is not 64-bit. (And even the latest 2015 is still 32-bit one.)

I think that TestComplete is in the same boat and as long as it can control 64-bit applications I can hardly see what I will benefit if it becomes 64-bit...

Sample article for Visual Studio:


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@AlexKaras; described here:


the biggest advantage of having TC compiled as 64bit application is that it would have full access to all memory available on the system. They would also work "better" because they run on the same "bandwith" as the underlying architecture. The latter being just a matter of preventing possible (strange) performance issues.


Also, in more general: the wordwide standard is becoming 64bit, both in processors, as well as in Windows.

Te be modern an application which potential has heavy workload (like TC / TE) potentially have, would inho be better of as being available in 64bit as well)


Comparing TestComplete with Visual Studio is an incorrect comparison if you ask me. At least not a 100% valid one. I mean Visual Studio does not have (that much) rare performance issues (as far as I know of), and it's not working intensively with "third party" applications, as TestComplete can (since it supports all Windows based applications). In fact, now that I am thinking over it, it's actually quite logic than when you use a 64bit OS, then run a 32bit TestComplete is used tot start a 64bit application, this might just be asking for (unclear) performance / memory / processor issues: you switch from architecture 2 times (64bit -> 32bit -> 64bit)... doesn't sound very robust approach to me.



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I would agree with you for some areas (e.g. that Visual Studio does not interact that intensively and in that volume with outer applications as TestComplete does) though some areas sound less persuasively to me (considerations about 'worldwide standards', 'modern applications').

What I am pretty sure at is that this is not simple decision and there will be necessity in 32-bit version as well. Also, I am not sure about scenario when, for example, 64-bit application spawns some 32-bit process that must be controlled from the same test. Will it be possible for 64-bit version of TestComplete to handle this or (and this is my assumption) it will have to start some 32-bit host process and use it? (Current 32-bit version handles the reverse scenario quite fine.)

I believe that SmartBear guys already did some evaluations and maybe they will even let us know about their results and whether they made some decision.

Personally I don't want to lose any 32-bit-related functionality in TestComplete and I am also not sure that I want to get too complex architecture (e.g. 32bit, 64bit, 64bit->32bit, 32bit->64bit...).

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Did some extra scanning on the TestComplete installation folder, and noticed that although TestComplete.exe is LAA, some other (potential) relevant files are non-LAA:


Here is the screenshot of it:



It might be interested to set TestCompleteServic to LAA as well?


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Every TestComplete installation "lives" in a different architecture, with different (typical) setups, tuning issues, etc.


Common practise what I know of is that some software vendors ship their products in both versions: 32bit and 64bit.


Then the client can choose which one to install/evaluate, which is best!


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Looks like it's coming in 12.4



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