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Support for Google Polymer framework

Support for Google Polymer framework



I suggest that TestComplete supports Google Polymer framework.


Thanks in advance.

Community Hero

Does it not already?  It's JavaScript for web applications, right?  As far as I can tell for TestComplete, JavaScript based components for a web page, while they may not have the same native "wrappers" as like for AngularJS, you can still interact with the components.


TestCompelte Object Inspector does not detect Polymer Component

Occasional Visitor

When a Google Chrome webpage uses the Polymer framework, TestComplete Object Spy cannot detect the Shadow DOM element.

Status changed to: Selected for Development



Since this framework is based on Shadow DOM, TestComplete will be able to work with it once this technology is supported. We have support for Shadow DOM on our roadmap for 2018. I will keep you updated on this.

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Is there any update on when we can expect to see this feature? 

Status changed to: Implemented

TestComplete has support for Shadow DOM and Google Polymer elemts now.


Hope this helps.


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