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Stop highlighting the entire script when i leave the cursor at the end of a line

Stop highlighting the entire script when i leave the cursor at the end of a line

Check out the video attached.

Leave your cursor at the end of a line and in a few seconds

the entire script highlights.

According to Vladimir, this is not a bug but a feature.

According to the information from the R&D team this is done to calculate an identifier under the cursor and cannot be disabled.

The developer knows about this behavior and confirms this is planned one.


But it highlights the ENTIRE SCRIPT.

I'm calling "Shenanigans" on the Programmer here.

This is extremely annoying when i'm trying to track down some code.

I've put up with this for years and am still not liking it.

At least allow us to change the highlighting options.

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Is that why it happens?


I'm with you. It annoys me during debugging.


Gets my vote.


Hi Colin

This has been recognized by Support. I asked if he looked at the video and ...


Hello Stephanie,
Yes, I did. I have reproduced it in JScript. We will investigate it and get back to you in several days.

Vladimir Lapidus
SmartBear Customer Care


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I suspect this is a bug....


Hi MGroen2

I believe so too and i hope they follow through.

The more Kudos this topic gets the more attention they

will pay to this.

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By the way, I have not heard back from Support.

These guys are usually very good so I'm hoping

that they decided to make this fix and we can see

this updated in the next release. 🙂


I also wish to have a pony *sigh*


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Status changed to: Implemented

This feature has been implemented in TestComplete 12.20.

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