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Show all aliases

Show all aliases

From aliases you can track to Mapped object...but not vise versa.

It would be very usefull if right mouse on mapped object and see aliases (could be one, more or none)

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1. Add Object to NameMapping

2. Create Aliases 

3. From Aliases click on view mapped object.


Question: From Mapped Object no able to find Aliases. I.e., Vice Versa of Step 3.



 From Mapped Object --> Right Click on View Object on "Object Browser" --> Check for MappedName --> Aliases name will be displayed. 




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I think the problem was not enough elaborated....

1) A team working in same project same application area.

two people have mapped same object twice. but set in different hierarchy in aliase. 

2) An object was maped on changing property by mistake. Either aliases were autoupdated or manually re-mapped.

some body in senior capacity want's to clean up name mapping

how could he/she do that without banging head on keyboad?


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