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Set conditional test items from the Project Test Items page

Set conditional test items from the Project Test Items page

The Test Items page would have the ability to run test items based on the success or failure of proceading test items.


So for example I have a test that makes sure that all the test servers are running. If this test failes then the test that rely on that test suceeding doesn't run.

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I think this feature request and this one could be combined?

Something like If test fails then (run x more times); If test fails then go to [label]

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Yes,If i need to run a test multiple times say twice than i will be able to do it with this setting.


In my code,what i am currently doing is,i am re running test case if it fails (max. time provided in code itself).If it fails all the times than logging a bug in JIRA.

Used JIRA RESt API to log a bug.


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