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Set Cucumber Pushing ERRORS to WARNINGS to allow CI/CD to continue

Set Cucumber Pushing ERRORS to WARNINGS to allow CI/CD to continue

When we have a project that integrates to Cucumber, we have the option to have TestComplete push results to Cucumber during a test run.


The process of pushing results seems to be somewhat fragile (as any REST API interaction is), with timeout errors etc every once in a while. Any kind of error whilst pushing to Cucumber is logged as a RED ERROR that cannot be intercepted (even if intercepted, TestComplete logs the error anyway).


If we use CI/CD to run our tests, pushing to Cucumber errors will halt the CI/CD process (since there is an error in the logs). However, just because pushing the results to Cucumber has failed, doesn't mean that the test run itself was a fail. Our CI/CD process should be able to continue (depending on project configuration).


I am suggesting an option somewhere in the project to set whether any Cucumber pushing error should be displayed as an ERROR or a WARNING. This way we could set the project to throw a WARNING, if the pushing to cucumber fails, instead of an error. Then, if that was the only thing that went wrong, the CI/CD process could continue.

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