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Requesting a feature for Zephyr for Jira projects settings need a variable.

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Requesting a feature for Zephyr for Jira projects settings need a variable.

Hi All,

I would like to have a feature in SmartBear TestComplete, where we can add a variables to Zephyr for jira ->project settings as a variable.

Explaining in detail:

We have a multiple project suite for our organization.Running tests for multiple releases in a month , every time when version and cycle are changing, we are update all projects with that information to run tests for that release to execute tests in Zephyr for proper realse version and cycle .

Instead of changing them on Zephyr for jira -> Project setting every time if we have variable then is easy to change settings from external file.

attached screen shot from Plugin. 



Here is the shap shot of 




Perhaps using the command line interface to edit the version and cycle could help?

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I ran them from command like it worked changing the version and cycle,

Issue1: when I ran through command line Test complete is crashed . 

Issue 2: I am using Intelligent Quality extention in the tests , if it is not turned on its not giving an option to check that. 

is there a way to run all failed tests at once using commandline? 


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