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React Native support! (revived topic) *super important feature for mobile automation*

React Native support! (revived topic) *super important feature for mobile automation*

ReactNative is a standard for mobile app development these days and TestComplete still doesn't support that. There exist some discussions in this forum that TesComplete might be support ReactNative but this is not true... I was discussing with TestComplete and they said that this is not possible. 
If TestComplete wants to be a competitive tool in mobile testing then ReactNative support is a must-have feature.
Sadly but this is a huge obstacle for our company and we even thinking about switching to another testing tool... 
Other well known commercial testing frameworks support this but TestComplete is not.
I strongly believe in this automation tool and I hope that Mobile Automation is the thing that you're planning to improve. Because it has always been a weak spot for TestComplete. 

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@JuliaBernikova @sonya_m  Hi, 
I have an update on this situation. After TestComplete update to version 14.70. I'm finally able to see React Native objects and hierarchy on Android. That's incredible progress!!! Finally, mobile automation has significant improvements too. That will be a game-changer for us!
Very interesting that there is no information about ReactNative in release notes but it works somehow 🙂
So now I have the next question about iOS. Can we expect ReactNative support on iOS too? Maybe in the near future?

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Hi @TMbet , some improvements were made to TestComplete so that now the React Native control tree can be seen, indeed. However, this is not full support of React Native, just an improvement, so it naturally wasn't included in the Release Notes.

As for iOS, this is being discussed by the Team, but, unfortunately, I have nothing to share about this as of this moment.

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yes, that's true I can't work properly with those React Native controls. Anyway, that's good progress. Hopefully, we'll get more updates specifically on mobile.

@sonya_m  Thanks for the update!

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