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Property Checkpoint readability

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Property Checkpoint readability

Property Checkpoints are very useful


it would be nice if they could also be more insightful by adding some message text




The property checkpoint passed:contentText Equals (case-insensitive) "HOME".


This is a bit convoluted, could this message be a little more user-friendly and have the option to log custom text

NB: checkpoint passed - the tick is sufficient to convey this message

- possibly differentiating between checkpoint errors and normal errors - red and green check symbol ?




Lee_M_3-1616673669491.png HOME : [page Title] : contentText (ci)




suggested makeup of checkpoint message


Lee_M_4-1616674073361.png {test condition} : [customer defined output] : (property tested) (case sensitive)








Community Hero

You can make your own checkpoints and customize the messages any way you want.  See the Checkpoint Results section in here:




This is good but a long-winded workaround


my feature request still stands, as this would be very simple to implement and, I think, add much-needed readability and clarity to the log files

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