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Printing log information in Jenkins console

Printing log information in Jenkins console


Thanks to the TestComplete - Jenkins plugin as we are enjoying the Integration process. And now thinking about few ways that it could be improved in-order to be more effective.

Now if you see in the Jenkins 'Console', this is what we can see - about launching the TC application and about the closing the TC.


I would like to know the information during run time within the Jenkins Console output.

Let's say the test execution takes about one hour, the information in the jenkins console would help me to know when and what's happening like atleast which test case is running at the moment...


[02:18:08] TC01: xxxx

[02:25:57] TC02: yyyy

[02:34:22] TC03: zzzz


Is there any possibilities that TestComplete can communicate with Jenkins during runtime to post these information?


If so, my suggestion is:-

May be our existing methods like Log.event could post such details to Jenkins console.

Or a can have a new Log method.


Advantage: We do not want to login to TestComplete box to know what's happening. Rather the information in the jenkins console is more than enough. 


New idea raised as per the discussion -



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This would be really nice!