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PolymerElements paper-input support in Testcomplete

PolymerElements paper-input support in Testcomplete


It would be nice if Testcomplete could recognise "Paper-Input" Web elements.


Such Web elements should be browsed in the Testcomplete Object Browser as Standard HTML Divs are.

This would make the namemapping robust and flexible for Web Tests using this new tehcnology.




Senior Member

Version 2.0 of "paper-input" uses the Shadow DOM technology.


These elements are not recognized by Testcomplete when using Chrome as browser.

Firefox doesn't fully support Shadow DOM so that it is possible, for the moment, to record some tests with it.


So I suggest that Smartbear should implement support for Shadow DOM ASAP.


Status changed to: Implemented

This may work with our support fo Web Components in TC 14. 

Have a look -

Custom elements:

Shadow DOM: 


Let me know if this helps.


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