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Please support Chrome V107

Please support Chrome V107

Hello we have upgraded to Chrome V107 and find that the latest TestComplete no longer "recognizes" various pop ups and the such when we run our scripts or try and use the "Spy" to see the pop ups etc... this issue has only appeared since we upgraded to Chrome 107


Thank you.



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We have experienced similar "no longer recognizing pop ups" issue multiple times in the past. But, they occurred when TestComplete gets upgraded to newer versions. I wish Smart bear can look closer into pop up handling - when TestComplete &/or Browsers get updated.


I agree, lol, until then I just use what I call a "Bulldoze" approach for pop ups.... where the pop up happen... I turn error logging off.... send an "Enter" to the browser, and then turn error logging back on.


Sort of a temp hack I guess... as I don't really care about the pop ups... as I assume if a real issue it will fail on next commands etc...


So script looks a little like this:



   Set onscreenObj = Sys.Browser("chrome").BrowserWindow(0)
   Sleep 2000
       onscreenObj.Keys "[Enter]"
   Sleep 2000



Of course this works if you don't really care whether the pop up pops up or not, and that by sending an "Enter" it will take the default action ("OK" Etc) for the pop up.  


By turning off the log, it will not "Fail" the test if the popup exists or not.... by turning it back on, its back to business as usual if there is an error.


Anyways, that is a temp work around for me... everyone else has different needs etc... so may not be any kind of temp solution for them etc... but for "me" and in this particular scenario... it gets my script through.  Lol


Again would be great if latest TestComplete and latest browsers always worked...  IMO SmartBear is usually pretty quick on at least generating a patch to handle these scenarios... I have not checked recently for a patch now, so not sure if they have generated one since folks logging the issue etc.  



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Thanks @rpfaucher1 for this bulldozer approach (lol) that works for your scenario and hopefully  some other too. 

But, in our case, we have to verify the presence of the pop up window, and certain contents within the pop up windows - which make it imperative that TestComplete interacts with the pops ups. This makes it harder for us since we cannot bypass the pop up windows. So hopefully TestComplete adds Pop-Up handling as part of their release regression testing strategy and ensures full compatibility. 


Totally understand that. Hopefully they will fix soon if not already.

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Yeah we have been having this issue as well for almost a month. Its a huge blocker for us. The latest update (15.46) does not fix the issue

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Oh my!! @thanks for this heads up @abadamo. We are currently on v15.40 and planning to upgrade to v15.46 in 2 weeks. This forewarning helped greatly.

Would you be able to share the last version number of TestComplete wherein the interaction with popups were stable..

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@tjohn it's the Chrome version that's affecting the popups. Here's where you check for that

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Thanks @Marsha_R. In your opinion, what would be considered as a safe(st) version of chrome to use with v15.46 of TestComplete in regards to PopUps.

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@tjohn The last one on that page is Chrome 103 so that one should work.

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I'll share some thoughts on this that may help others experiencing similar issues. We have been running on the latest version of Chrome (now on v108) without issue for about 1.5 years - always several versions ahead of the TC "supported version". The only time we have had issues with the webdriver (IE: the TC Browser Extension) it has usually been after an TC/TE upgrade or GPUpdate.


My first suggestion, would be to open Object Browser or Object Spy tool in TestComplete and see how TC see's the pop-up - occasionally TC may view this object (ex: iframe) as being on another page or not having to proper permissions to access. The simple solution being to add a line in TC to switch the page/window it's looking in or set the Browser run permissions (see community post here and here). 


If that doesn't solve your issue, I would suggest looking on your machine to see if there are any outdated references to older versions of TestComplete, TestExecute, and the TestComplete Extension that may cause issues.


If you are having upgrade issues - look for old references to TC 14 or TELite in Services, RegEdit, Local/AppData, Program Files, etc. (and remove them - this may require a fresh install/setup of TC)


If you still have issues accessing objects or if the browser is listed as a "Process" instead of a "Browser" in the TC Object Browser - this usually points to TestComplete Extension being the culprit. Update or reinstall the extension and insure everything is correctly configured on your system:





For those in larger Enterprise systems that have global policies managed and updated by an enterprise admin - it can be difficult to avoid the onslaught of the Chrome Auto-Updater (you have to change registry keys, delete local app data, stop some Chrome services, config default browser settings, etc). Here are a few things to check to insure your browser Auto-Update is disabled - if indeed you are required to run on an older browser version:


**insure any browser changes you make (turn auto-fill off, enable js and pop-ups, etc.) are not being save under a different profile (ex: 'Profile3') in your local Chrome AppData folder.


These suggestions may not work for everyone, but they have proven to be helpful on several occasions when the web driver and/or TC isn't playing nice. Hope this may help others with similar issues.

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