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Network Suite Jobs: Keyword-Test selection

Network Suite Jobs: Keyword-Test selection


i use TestComplete and TextExecute on a remote machine. In my TestComplete workspace i got many Keyword-Tests. Now i want to add multiple tests to the Jobs in the Network Suite but i can only select one test at once and it takes its time until the test is loaded from the remote TestExecute into the NetworkSuite. Why it took so long to choose and load a test for a NetworkSuite Job? I want to quick add multiple tests to the Job list without waiting after each new test added. It should be possible to drag and drop the KeywordTests in TestComplete to the NetworkSuite Job list.


Furthermore i didn´t understand the behavior of the remote test selection window. There is no directory hierarchy like in the project workspace and i have to scroll across a large list of test and the next bad thing: the lists isn´t sorted alphabetically. Searching the right test in a list with over 200 KeywordTests without directory structure or sorting function is a time-killing job 🙂
Hope you will find a better way for this.
Long live the software ergonomics!




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happy scrolling ... 


Nobody else finds this behavior annoying? Nobody is using this option? Its just a list where to enable sorting ... 

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@ml I understand your feature request. I just dont have that many keyword tests. But I like your suggestion!


Another problem appears: I changed the Name of a Keywordtest and TestComplete isn´t correcting the changes automatically in my NetworkSuit Jobs List. I have to open this weird Network Job Selection again ... 

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