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Need ability to detect Cursor State

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Need ability to detect Cursor State

Need ability to detect Cursor State.   So when I click on a button and the cursor state changes to an HourGlass... I'd like to be able to Wait until the cursor changes from an HourGlass back to a Pointer.    This way I'm testing and waiting on a visiable queue instead of just waiting for the next object/control to appear or the object that was clicked to disappear.   



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Thank you for the suggestion.


I attempted to implement the following:


// Where control is of type IButton

var cursor = control.GetProperty<IObject>("cursor");
var cursorShape = control.GetProperty<IObject>("cursor").CallMethod<int>("QCursor_shape");


But the value of cursorShape is always returned as Zero (0)... I would have expected it to be (-2) since the cursor's shape is a Pointer.  


Possibly this is not the correct technique to derive the cursor?



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@AlexKaras have you ever used this?

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Ages ago I used the code provided below. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not really (maybe, because of some context switching).

My personal preference, unless there is a requirement to check exactly the cursor state, is to rely not on cursor shape, but wait for the target object/control and continue with it.



Function GetMouseCursor()
  Dim nHandle
  Dim nProcessID
  Dim nThreadID
  Dim nCursor


  GetMouseCursor = -1


  nHandle = Win32API.GetForegroundWindow()
  nProcessID = Win32API.GetWindowThreadProcessId(nHandle, null)
  nThreadID = Win32API.GetCurrentThreadId()


  Call Win32API.AttachThreadInput(nProcessID, nThreadID, true)
  nCursor = Win32API.GetCursor()
  Call Win32API.AttachThreadInput(nProcessID, nThreadID, false)


  GetMouseCursor = nCursor
'  Call Log.Message(nCursor)
  ' Some of common mouse cursor types:
  'var c_nMouse_Pointer = 65555;var c_nMouse_Hourglass = 65559;var c_nMouse_Text = 65557;var c_nMouse_Hand = 65583;
End Function


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