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Name Mapping with XPath

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Name Mapping with XPath

I would love to have a new feature, where you can map objects using the xpath.


The problem with the current object mapping is, that it only supports a given set of tags, which gets harder and harder, with all those custom html tags and the new standards, that use more of those custom tags ... + angular 2 libraries are not supported either.



I have a couple of tags in my current project, that I can only select within scripts with the findchildbyxpath method ... like mat-select, accordion-group-container and all those can be easily selected / clicked / typed into with xpath finding but the object mapping doesnt recognize it and therefore I can not interact with it other than within scripts.



Mapping objects with their xpath would make all of this possible and also makes it easier to generate more flexible structures of name mappings like if its a generated website, you can leave some panels blank with just using the // xpath to select a lower level rather than one step down with the current panel system