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Make it possible to export from the log the records of only certain type(s)

Make it possible to export from the log the records of only certain type(s)

Based on and a lot of similair questions, why not make it possible to be able to specify (both in UI and code) what log record types to export?

Possible use cases:

-- All record types are not selected - this will export just a log tree. Might be useful to provide a quick overview of the test run result for the management;

-- Only checkpoints are selected - this will export log tree with checkpoints. - Might be useful for some formal document when the evidence of test success is required;

-- All record types except Events are selected - a kind of 'regular' log export that can be sent to QA managers/team members;

-- All record types including Events are selected - this is a 'developers' version of log export intended for detailed investigation by test developers in case of test errors reported during test run.

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Any update about this request?


This would be very useful.


One potential use case I come across is running timing loops, and being able to export only the number reported in the loop.

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