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Make a description of custom function to be visible in the standard popup dialog

Make a description of custom function to be visible in the standard popup dialog


Valued Contributor


I would like to have small description on routines in code completion.    


Currently you cannot create a description and attach to your own routines, such that it will pop-up while code completion.

This is useful if you have a library of routines specially you work in team environment and you have considerable amount of code in the library.


Script-extensions are not suitable for evolving/changing library .

Status changed to: New Idea
Status changed to: New Idea

Are using a particular scripting language?


Thank you,

Masha Kozinets

TestComplete Product Owner

Valued Contributor

I'm using jScript .. but think this is not paticuler for languge specific

Status changed to: Accepted for Discussion

Thank you for your product suggestion! We really appreciate you taking the time and providing detailed screenshot to explain your idea.

We will discuss your idea further and let you know if it is selected for implementation.


Best Regards,


Valued Contributor

I had similer request earlier this but was accepted and then turned to new.....


(merged similar requests)

Occasional Contributor

Great idea, this can help you choose the correct method when you don't know what is better to use on your objects.


This would be VERY helpful.

Thanks for posting this @baxatob

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