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Line Numbers in Keyword Tests

Line Numbers in Keyword Tests

It would be nice to be able to enable line numbers when editing a keyword tests.

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Just wanted to add that this would be very helpful when doing code reviews on keywords of another resource to let them know exactly which line needs updating.


This would be fantastic. What good is the call stack telling me what line my test failed on if I can't actually find that line? Please make this happen.

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I agree.  The option to view line numbers in Keyword tests would be a nice feature.

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I agree


Please add my name to this request!

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I'm in

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While creating and modifying a Keyword test, the rows are not numbered. When a Keyword test errors out after completing a certain row number, this information could be valuable. This also could help for internal demonstration purposes of how to set up a keyword test using a company's best practices. Then you could refer other employees to line numbers. Something like "Rows 1-3  should contain these operations."


Would you consider adding visible row numbers to keyword tests? Thanks!

Occasional Contributor

Wondering what the status of keywords having the ability to view line numbers is?   Thank you!

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