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Keyboard shortcut to move a line in the editor

Keyboard shortcut to move a line in the editor



As many code editors propose, it would be interesting to be able to use keyboard shortcuts to move a line or lines of code up (CTRL+SHIFT+UP) or down (CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN).


Thank you

Occasional Contributor

I'm so glad you brought this up.  I poked around and found Tools > Customize Keyboard.  It supports mult-line moving.  But this is for Keyword Test editing. I wasn't sure which you were asking about.



I looked at Tools > Customize Keyboard.
In the Edit category, there are Move Down and Move Up commands but these do not work in the Script Editor Smiley Sad.


Thanks anyway

Frequent Contributor

To be honest I would like the ability just to use different IDE's.  The TestComplete Script editor is way behind in its time.