Keyboard shortcut to move a line in the editor

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by ChristopheC on ‎05-16-2018 08:51 AM



As many code editors propose, it would be interesting to be able to use keyboard shortcuts to move a line or lines of code up (CTRL+SHIFT+UP) or down (CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN).


Thank you

by aPrivett
‎05-16-2018 01:16 PM - edited ‎05-16-2018 01:19 PM

I'm so glad you brought this up.  I poked around and found Tools > Customize Keyboard.  It supports mult-line moving.  But this is for Keyword Test editing. I wasn't sure which you were asking about.

by ChristopheC
on ‎05-17-2018 02:00 AM


I looked at Tools > Customize Keyboard.
In the Edit category, there are Move Down and Move Up commands but these do not work in the Script Editor Smiley Sad.


Thanks anyway

on ‎05-18-2018 07:38 AM

To be honest I would like the ability just to use different IDE's.  The TestComplete Script editor is way behind in its time.

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