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Include attachments (like reference documents, manual testscript, testdata, etc) to Jira

Include attachments (like reference documents, manual testscript, testdata, etc) to Jira

TestComplete currently allows to post bug info to Jira.

However this is limited to description, testcomplete log (as Mht file only), and system info.


A great feature for integration with Jira, however it would be very nice if this feature could be extending with ability to log attachments to the bug/issue, like: test reference material (like word files, excel files, other text files etc),

so it would be great if this screen (see attachment) would be extended with a Browse button to search for documents, so that files can be attached to the issue.

Also, include the option (checkbox) to pack all the files to one single archive.

Status changed to: Accepted for Discussion

Thank you very much for you product suggestion! This does sound like a very valuable feature. We will estimate the work and add it to our future roadmap.


Also, I would like to let you know that we already have added the line item to improve usability of TestComplete logs, including new formats, to our roadmap for this year.




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That's great news!

Hope this request will make it in future release of TC.


Also, is there more info somewhere regarding the improvements of the TestComplete logs (as you mentioned?). I am curious about it Smiley Wink

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