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Import/Export variable lists

Import/Export variable lists

We would like to be able to share variables lists from all levels without having to share project files or add them all in manually.


If I export my project variables, then my colleagues should be able to import the resulting list and have it be merged with theirs.

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hi @Ravik


I made no distinction: could apply for all 3 types...

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Status changed to: Implemented

This feature was implemented by our Community member @StevenN during Code Contest. Find the solution here:

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I have installed @StevenN's Winnings Script Extension, and I really really appreciate the efforts And the results is great!  But I would like to see importing/exporting in xls format (not having to use XML), because I need to use Excel and Excel doesn't allow to save xml.

Also, I noticed that persistent variables are not supported in the current implementation?


Please do not see this as critism but an effort to improve TestComplete (or the script extension)


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giving it a more deeply thought, I would say the original feature request could be better implemented if you could create and keep variables in external files (xls, csv) format, and keep them there. During test execution TestComplete would simple read out of those xls/csv files, to read the variables names and values. Implementing it that way prevents the need to keep importing the variables.  Don't know what others think of this new idea?

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How is this not a part of TestComplete by now?

Importing/Exporting Variables seems like a very rudimentary feature.

The solution provided here was from 6(?!) years ago and does not seem to work in TC15.

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@ShiN0bi It only got 6 votes.  Perhaps there aren't many people looking for it.

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@Marsha_R 6 votes is more than like 90% of the things in the feature request list. Maybe there aren't many people using TC because of these kind of fundamental shortcomings. I know that I am personally looking elsewhere for test execution framework now because of this and I'm pretty sure I'm not the first.
Also, you cant vote on this request because it is marked as completed, when in reality it isn't...

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