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Implement support for checking on closed (non existing Objects) in Checkpoints feature

Implement support for checking on closed (non existing Objects) in Checkpoints feature

Currently, Checkpoint wizard supports different types of Checkpoints (files, regions, xml, properties etc), but when you want to check if object is NOT available, you have to use "If Object" Operation, and log some information yourself. As descdribed here:


Would be great if the tester can use Checkpoint Wizard to check if object (process) is there. Currently this is not possible since checkpoint fails if the property cannot be found (which of course is true is the object is not there).


So, basically it is an enhancement request for the Checkpoint Wizard.




EDIT: Posting is obsolete. The feature is already supported.

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See screenshot.  It passes if object is not there and fails if it is:





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You are right Marsha. Strange thing was, I created similar code yesterday and then it failed. Because of your commented I re-created it and now it passes. 


So, thank you for your help.


So, because of that, the Checkpoint Wizard already supports what I want to achieve. 


And, because of that this feature request is obsolete.

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Status changed to: Implemented
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