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Find Usages of Name Mapping Objects / Aliases

Find Usages of Name Mapping Objects / Aliases

In order to be able to effectively maintain the Name Mapping & Aliases it would be useful to be able to right click an object in the Name Mapping/Aliases hierarchy and 'Find Usages' which will then bring up a dialog to show all Scripts & Keyword test files that contain references to that object. You can then double click the file in the dialog to take you to the first reference in the file.

Super Contributor

Very good idea. + 1 kudo from me!


Occasional Contributor
this, which is a brilliant idea, is much needed.
Super Contributor

Thinking once again over it, I think this feature request could be even 'enhanced', by creating a global overview of links between name mapping items (and aliases) and scripts/Keyword tests.


If, in this overview (in which namemapping / aliases/scripts are clickable to edit) could also display some sort of status info, like "currently being called by tests", "not called by tests", then this would be even more beneficial in maintaining the namemapping.



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that would tie well into one of the other requested features - the one about cleaning up the namemapping. It would also probably make searching in the scripts and keywords tests easier - iMHO
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Excellent suggestion @nebsta!

Status changed to: Selected for Development



I want to bring everyone's attention to the Show Usage feature that appeared in TestComplete 12.60.



While this feature is not 100% about what has been asked in this thread initially, it solves the task of managing the unused Name Mapping objects that is the main underlying problem. So, I suppose that this feature request can be closed as implemented.


Anyway, first I wanted to ask the Community if you can provide us with any use cases that prove that this feature does not solve the task.


Good article and definitely a helpful feature.


Thanks for sharing @Dmitry_Nikolaev .


But it does not look like the Show Usage feature has clickable/linked navigation to the items identified. This the last part of the original request.


Do you plan to build in usage locations and navigation to those locations?



That was the question I wanted to ask. Is there a real need in seeing the list of specific usages of every object in the Name Mapping tree?

After analyzing this request, we concluded that the main idea of this request is to be able to remove those items that are unused in tests. The new functionality solves this task.

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