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Find Usage of mapped Object

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Find Usage of mapped Object

Before anyone comments, I know that this feature has already been "implemented" but is done poorly imo. 


In this post:


A user already requested a feature like that, but currently all we have is a way to find out if an mapped Object is used at all or not. 

I think a binary output (used / unused) is not what the creator of the post meant and it is certainly not what I mean by "Find Usages".


I want a way to find out the specific usages of every Object.

So everywhere where the Object is used in:

  • On-Screen Actions
  • Scrips
  • Code Snippets
  • Parameters of Scripts
  • Parameters of Keyword Tests
  • Checkpoints
  • If Objects
  • ...


So basically everywhere where the Object can be referenced in.

For an IDE (like TC is) to be used in a productive way, a useful "Find References" Function is essential.



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Absolutely agree with this one. I greatly miss the ability to find where the individual mapped objects are actually used. It's really frustrating searching the references manually. And no, Ctrl+F is not a reliable solution.

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