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Enhance Keyword Test Try/Catch/Finally operations

Enhance Keyword Test Try/Catch/Finally operations

In script code, there are two aspects of try/catch/finally logic that are missing in Keyword tests.


1) The ability to "throw" exceptions manually

2) The ability to include the contents of the exception (message, number, etc) in any logic within the catch block.


It would help make keyword tests a bit more usable for controlling test flow to have this ability within keyword tests.

Community Hero

FYI, I'm working on trying my normal "trick" of creating a script extension to do this... and not having much luck... I have to basically have a piece of script code create an exception and send it to the Catch block... but there's no visibility to that catch block from within the script extension.  So...  would be nice.

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OK... point 2 in this feature request has been implemented as of TestComplete 12.50.  Way to go SmartBear!

I'd like to see two enhancements to this.

1) A "Throw Exception" operation in keyword tests.  I have a very basic thing implemented in some mini-script code but this would be good to have included

2) Some kind of linking in the exception information as to where the exception was thrown.  As it is right now, we get the information but we need to scan through the keyword test to find the exact line... if something like a stack trace or some sort of hyperlink to the actual code line that generated the exception, that would be VERY helpful.

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Status changed to: Implemented