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Dark Themes for TestComplete

Dark Themes for TestComplete

Dark theme IDE like Visual Studio / Eclipse / Netbeans would be awesome. 



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Our team has recently purchased TestComplete licenses. The comfort and lessened eye strain of a dark theme is literally the first thing went looking for. I note this request/recommendation was first posted in 2016 above.


I've upvoted the post here and for SoapUI (@TanyaGorbunova thanks for link). Like others have commented here and there, members of our team have sensitivity to bright interfaces with the tools they use regularly.  Reducing glare on the monitor doesn't really help when the IDE itself is not also changeable. If SmartBear would re-evaluate the priority and effort to implement a dark-themed interface the ease of use and reduced eye strain would be much appreciated.


What else is needed and how can I help make this happen?

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We need dark themes.

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How is this not a higher priority? It will make the development experience a lot better for so many customers.

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@tphillips I changed colors in here



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That's just the code editor, I thought this feature request is for the whole UI to have a dark theme (all windows, not just the code editor)


e.g. in your post above the window to change the code editor colours is still white and light grey.

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I sometimes need to spend an entire day working in this tool and always have a headache by EOD on those days.  When I work in VS all day in dark mode, no issue.  I feel that not having a dark mode has negatively affected my customer experience and this makes me look at other options to save myself the headache.  

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