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Compile tests to .Exe

Compile tests to .Exe

What a pain it can be to reproduce issues for developers. How handy would it be if we could compile tests into an exe and pass it on for script playback? No easy request I'm sure, but I can dream...right? 🙂

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please add  my vote for this request.!

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Hi Nish,


You can do it yourself by clicking this image next to Ryan's suggestion:



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This might violate the idea of TestExecute... 🙂

Maybe an acceptable replacement is to add an optional video recording to the test run engine? The benefit of this is that video can be easily paused without the necessity to search for the place for the breakpoint or something like this.

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Status changed to: New Idea
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No , a video is not an acceptable replacement. I can record desktop video easy enough.

When a developer needs to catch a difficult to reproduce error in their debugger having script playback is essential.


We currently will install test execute on their machines, but this isn't a preferred method.

Status changed to: Postponed

We have discussed this idea, but have not yet found an acceptable solution. Please send us additional suggestions on how to implement this. Thank you.

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 As a non-Smartbear option you could possibly use something like Docker:


Though it might be a bit overkill.


Or perhaps Smartbear could make it easier for us to use Docker for this purpose? Or something similar?

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Essentially what I would be looking for with this would be a "temporary" executable that could be run on any machine...perhaps for a limited time? That would not require license activation and would have minimal installation.

The focus being that a developer could playback a script (keyword test, etc) without having to activate and install Test Complete or Test Execute.


Perhaps an alternative would be a feature where the test captures a video of it's execution which could then be given to developers? Wouldn't be as good as the suggested feature, but the suggested feature is really asking a lot of SmartBear. The effort it would take to implement something like this seems monumental.


Summarize the feedback so far:


1. Best Solution:

Ability to conver an existing test to a self-contained executable and pass along to a developer to run (no license)

2. Good Solution: one of intended uses of TestExecute

- Pass test script to a developer who has TestExecute installed - Cons: Cost of TestExecute License $499? Need to Install TestExecute?

3. Less Optimal Solution:

- record a video for the developer with reproducion sequence. - Cons: No script playback 



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