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Code Completion for class methods

Code Completion for class methods

Hi would like to have code completion for class methods

this was mentioned before here and here also here but could not find a feature request

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+1 Would really like this feature for Javascript.

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I believe it was working in earlier versions, but it stopped.



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Are there any news for this Feature Request?

Btw. if you implement this, please also make it available for "real" JavaScript in combination with the "require()" function. For example having a ScriptUnit "Test.js" with this content

class Test {
  constructor() {
    Log.Message("Creating Test class instance");

  bar() {
    Log.Message("Calling bar");

module.exports.Test = Test;

TC 12 do not show autocompletion for functions of class if I write code like

let test = require("Test");

function main() {
  let testClassInstance = new test.Test(); // here autocomplete already work for the exported object "Test"; // here it doesn't


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Has there been any movement on this?  It looks like people have been requesting this functionality since 2012...


That would be great for Python too, it would start to behave as a IDE

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any update regarding this one ? Nothing has been done since 2016 ?

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